Welcome to my new blog.  Weare moving in a new direction, back to our roots as an entrepreneur.  We are amid the greatest change to financial transactions the world has EVER seen and folks it’s going to be earth shattering. We confess we are not the first person to forecast this, so it’s not new, but we are one of the early people to devote our life’s work to these new technologies and fully embrace what is coming our way.

So this is my first post on my refreshed blog.  From henceforth, we will be blogging about Cryptocurrencies, ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings), BlockChain, Fintech and what I like to call Gambletech.  The latter is what we call the “gamblers version” of Financial technology, but we really will be covering it more generally from an online entertainment aspect focusing our attention directly online gambling innovations when we discuss “Gambletech;” primarily focused on the influence of BlockChain tech in this industry when possible.  It’s our general belief that online gambling and other forms of online gaming (even if they don’t include gambling) are essentially the same industry – it’s not an idea well shared in the business world, but it’s our general belief; we will make that argument in a future post. We will try to stay focused on these topics, but there are going to be derivatives where we will stray from time to time – it’s in our personal nature.  Finally, we had an English professor who loved to write in the third person, we like too, hope you don’t find it too stuffy!

Stay tuned because the next year is going to be a wild ride.  I plan to get heavily involved in the ICO market, blockchain tech and all of the above, so enjoy my musings to come!

Jul 2017



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